Handmade by Jayne


As well as baking, I also love crafting.

When I was six, my grandmother taught me to knit and sew and, in my teenage years, we would spend lots of time making and altering clothes on her old Singer sewing machine.  When I was 11, I taught myself to crochet; my first project was a huge Afgan blanket.  Of the three – knitting, crochet and sewing – crochet is probably my favourite.

Over the years, I have often knitted and crocheted presents for friends and family, who have reacted with delight and appreciation.  Recently I have been thinking about expanding my business to combine my love of baking  with the other creative skills I enjoy, and the result is a collection of gifts and home accessories.

I hope you like them – I’ve enjoyed making every single item!  Please go to the drop down menu for details.

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