Seasonal Cakes

Diwrnod Santes Dwynwen and Valentine’s Day

As well as a special afternoon tea, a lot of sponge cakes can be baked in heart shaped tins and displayed on heart shaped cake boards for a special gift.

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Simnel Muffins are rich fruit cakes filled with marzipan and topped with icing and mini chocolate eggs.  An indulgent Easter treat.

New for 2017 is the Chocolate Orange Easter cake.  This is a dense but moist cake flavoured with Cointreau.

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summer berries

Cakes which are filled and/or decorated with fresh British summer berries are best enjoyed when the fruits are in season:

  • Strawberries – April to October
  • Raspberries – June to October
  • Blueberries  – June to September
  • Blackberries – August to October
  • Cranberries – late October to late December


New for 2016 is Christmas afternoon tea, which includes favourites such as mince pies plus some cakes you may not have tried before.

Please note that cakes containing mixed fruit such as traditional Christmas cakes should, ideally, be ordered 8 to 12 weeks before you need them, in order for the flavours to fully mature.

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